Why Federal Govt Frowns At NFF Over Aiteo Cup Crisis

August 13, 2022 Off By Oha

The federal government has frowned over the football crisis generated by the Aiteo Cup imbroglio. As well as degradation of domestic league football in the country, due to inconsistent calendaring and other attendant problems.

Aiteo cup
Aiteo cup

The Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, in a press statement signed by the director press and public relations, Muhammed Manger, described the latest crisis where football clubs have pulled out of the AITEO Cup as unacceptable and directed the NFF to act swiftly and find encompassing and sustainable solutions to all contending issues.

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Aiteo cup crisis is destroying Nigeria football

“It is unacceptable that teams were treated against the rules but according to other considerations not in the rule books. Our league has never sunk this low. Several times, through writing and verbal discussions, the Ministry has brought this to the attention of NFF and persons in charge of the Domestic league. Unfortunately, things are getting bad, instead of getting better. The federal government will be left with no choice than to act to save the crumbling system in place and bring about desired changes.”

“The federal government is mandating the NFF to act swiftly and find encompassing and sustainable solutions to all contending issues around the Aiteo Cup. There is a race against time to act, so the NFF must swing to work swiftly to restore sanity,”

What Nff should know

“The NFF should know that a critical aspect of the country’s sports cannot be experiencing degradation due to bad management from the administrators and expect the government to keep quiet. Government will not stand idly by and watch our domestic football come to disgrace.